Monday, December 3, 2012

It's A Busy Little House

Guys, we have been busy over here-- these little people are growing up!   Daisy has passed the 9 month
mark.    Here she is demonstrating her flexibility 

Deirdre is a hoot right now-- she is the little antagonizer in our house and has started tackling-- I am sure having a big brother has something to do with this-- but she is definitely the instigater around here. James is handling it well (thank God) but it is funny how they have their own little relationship now-- they laugh and play mostly- but every once a while you will hear her yell at him or James 'tattle' on Deirdre for not sharing.  

The second big milestone around here, was our little guy started school!!  Yep- crazy.  He is doing an early intervention program for speech two mornings a week-but he gets to ride a bus, wear a back pack* and enjoy a fruit snack.  James can be a little risk averse at times so we worried about a tremendous breakdown but in the end it ended up being peachy. 

shy guy.

We got him buckled into the school bus and he asked a few times if I would sit down but we gave him his snack and went to meet him at the school.   We got there he had already beat us so we made it over to the classroom to watch.  No drama here-- he was playing away and singing songs with the rest of the kids.  In fact-- we walked in and he looked up at us- half hearted waved and went on singing.  

So much for our worries on that.  

*Fashion, always a big selling point

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