Friday, November 16, 2012

If I Close My Eyes, I Can Almost Smell Pain. (t)

Well, We finally got captain contractor to show up!    You can see in the first picture the status of our kitchen as of about 2 weeks ago . . . to what happened in the last week.  It's amazing what happens when you SHOW UP FOR WORK.   He made a comment about maybe having a couple small things to finish up next week-- I made a VERY DIRECT comment about him finishing this week--  2.5 half weeks AFTER he said he would and on his third revised date.    UGH. *

My attitude has improved dramatically the last couple days-- I am just super ready to go home!    In the interim, I am nesting for the holidays in different ways- doing a lot of online shopping and ordering my christmas cards!  


*Things feel so much better with caps.

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