Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Boy

James is the big 3!  Suddenly he is very focused on being a big boy-- big boy cups, big boy boots and bigness in all things.  His language skills are doing great-- he can speak in long sentences and we are seeing improved logic every day.  It's just a delight to be around him.

Usually.  He is 3 after all.

I think about what 2 was for us-- at the start of 2 he was singing the abc's and the song would go on for several minutes because he would repeat and omit at his fancy-- at 3 he is starting to read-- sounding out small words and practicing the sounds songs make.

At 2 he was expanding his vocabulary with shapes and animals, at 3 he lets me know that the octogon says 'stop' and corrects me when I call a leopard a cougar.  (spots. . . . for those curious).

At 2 he was shy and affectionate only when he could sit still-- at 3 he is openly affectionate with a lot of people and routinely tells us "I love you"

We have done a video every year for him on his birthday-- the big thing I noticed this year was how much 'James' is in this video.  James helped pick out his favorite photos and his song.   The physical changes aren't  as apparent as they were in the first couple video's-- but you can see so much more personality.

James has always really enjoyed watching his videos and we have spent much of the last week watching ourselves age on the laptop.   It's pretty cute-- he now knows which pictures are Baby James and which pictures are Baby Deirdre.

We spent James' birthday in Seattle visiting Matt's brother and his cousins-- so we had a small party here with Matt's family prior to leaving and a party in Seattle-- yep, that means two pink cakes.*

Another benefit of 3-- repetition.  James was very clear about his desire for a pink cake.  No mistaking that request.  

Happy birthday little man.

* Here are James' first two videos-- it's amazing to see his journey so far!

**When I described what I wanted for the cake to the bakery guy he responded "I can see why you did a special order"  Apparently they don't readily stock pink football cakes.  

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  1. Oh I love all 3 of them! And that cake is AH-MAZING! 3 successful years of parenting. Good job mama (and daddy!)