Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Contractors

I am haunted by a comment I made here a few weeks ago about our home project- I believe I said something about how we decided to couple the projects to disrupt our life as little as possible.

Well friends, intention very rarely turns into reality.

We started with the basement team and they have been AWESOME.   In fact, we have asked if our general contractor wants to move in-- he is is here that much.  Just awesome customer service, pride in his work and committment to good communication.

Case in point, after we came back to the house after being gone for a couple days, he showed up at our door at 9:00 at night to make sure we got our internet hooked up ok.   So damn nice.  

He says that we need Cinemax to get him to move in, and we are thinking about it.

The other guy started his project on October 10 and has been there less than 1.5 days a week since.   Now a  note-- we don't really use our basement but we really do use our upstairs. I sent him a nice, but firm email on Friday saying something to the extent that would like to come home soon. . . . and have received no response.  UGH.

So, at the in-laws we continue to camp.  Thank God they are awesome. 

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