Friday, October 19, 2012

This Guy

We have had a lot of fun celebrating Matt during the last couple weeks.  For his 40th birthday, I took the day off as a surprise and we bummed around Stillwater.  For those of you with young children know, the idea of spending an extended period with your honey is pretty remarkable and beautiful.  So fun.  

We started the day with a trip to the spa-- we sat in a hot tub for a while -- which was awesome post marathon-- then got a couple massage.  Afterward we went to the Green Room for a pretty incredible lunch and then did some light shopping. 

We finished the day with seeing an afternoon movie (Looper).   Oh so much fun!

Not a day over 39.  

Last weekend we had a little gathering at Gastof's for Octoberfest.  I haven't done that in years- but it was a blast!   Thanks to all those who made it a special night for Matt!

I love birthdays and 40 is a legitimate one!    Matt has made me promise to stop asking people to sing to him going forward. . . . despite the fact that it's AWESOME.   So this is it-- Matt's 40!!!!!

Other reasons why we should celebrate Matt?  He took his boards yesterday!  Whew!   Matt is taking three boards in total but is deferring two until next year.  The one he took yesterday was the hardest of the three so we are keeping our fingers crossed!    Congrats Matt!

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