Monday, October 1, 2012

Runners with Heart*

 I had a long talk with the coaches in my program and they think I can do it-- just need to adjust down a bit to feel more confident. 

So I am in-- I am going to start out doing a 12 minute mile which I am guessing is going to feel really odd after the speed work outs but eh- whatevs.   Most of my runs were very hit or miss- so my ability to stick at that pace will be dependent on whether or not it is a hit or a miss day.  The 12** minute pace gives me a little bit of a cushion to keep me under 6 in case disaster strikes.  Also, I am giving myself a back door-- if life just totally sucks early say before mile 20, I am giving myself permission to drop.***

James is wearing my new "racing" jersey.  He was excited about my new shirt so we are sharing.
Either way, I think I can finish and I am proud of that.  I was super preggers when I came up with this hare-brained plan and regardless of outcome I did improve my overall health a lot this summer which was my original goal.

So if you are free- come cheer.  My gals**** and I will be trucking along somewhere between 5-6 hours!

*The name of my running group. Appropriate right?

**The speed workout predictor indicates that  I should be able to do the marathon in 4:30, which i don't feel comfortable with-- so god willing this should be do-able. Inshallah.

***I am running the monster dash 1/2 in three weeks and I can always use that race as a goal race!

**** Katy, Britney, Carly and Lady G.

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  1. Good luck with your marathon this weekend Dana! Training for a marathon is a lot of work and now you only have one long run left :-)

    Run fast!