Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun Times Had by All

Also titled, How I thought I couldn't run a marathon, but then did and had a blast. Also titled: Shut up and do it. Also titled: If you think you can't you're right. . . etc. etc.

Truth be told the marathon was a lot of fun.  We P-A-C-E-D ourselves the whole way and it worked-- no wall!   We really struggled to not speed up for the first 18 miles or so and the last 8 were filled with bathroom breaks and chats with friends* so the pacing happened naturally.  

Mad props to my sweet husband! I am amazed by this guy so often-- but especially after the marathon. Matt got hurt earlier in the 'season' and was only able to complete a handful of runs-- he planned to run the first 13 with me but then decided at mile 13 to just do another 13. Now that's gusto.

Earlier I talked about wanting to meet a specific goal.  I have to say in retrospect, not having a goal was a LOT of fun.  It meant that I didn't feel badly when this mom** had to go to the restroom a couple extra times, nor did I feel rushed when I stopped to talk to someone. . . but more importantly, I didn't feel like I was dying!  (Let's not understate this one) -- it was just a beautiful day to be outside trotting along with a few thousand  friends.  I am a big fan of the marathon because of the work that goes into you getting to the starting line-- but I am also thankful for the opportunity to be part of a big community of runners with varying degrees of skill-- it's a pretty awesome group of folks.    

 So so so glad I did it.  
The other note, is just a call out to those who helped make it possible.  As you can imagine, when Matt and I both want to do something we need a strong support team to get us over the finish line.  Special thanks to my mother in law who took the kids a couple times so that I could do my long run while Matt worked and to my cousins Jackie and Jon who baby sat (at the crack of dawn no less) our kids during the race.  Oh, and to the internets-- thanks for all the support and encouragement.  

I am not sure what the future*** of marathoning is for Miss Dana--it's awfully hard to fit it in with other life priorities but it was great post-baby goal and gave me a focus for the year of health!  Kicking ass makes you smile a lot.    ;)

*Thanks to those who came out to support us on the course-- you made our day!   **Kegels ladies.  . . .kegels.
***After the Monster Dash 1/2 marathon in three weeks.

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  1. Congratulations!!!! you rock and are so inspiring.... so much going on and you still do it all.... a great example for all! - karo