Monday, September 24, 2012

On This Very Special Episode of Blossom

Dana learns a lesson in pride.

So all summer year I have been talking here and everwhere about health.   I had these "goals" we will call them about getting back into shape post baby and making health a priority in our family life this year.    Some things have gone well and some things haven't.

Week after week I have been feeling stronger  and ready to conquer the race in two weeks.*

I had been feeling so strong that I have started to change my goals from "finishing" to looking at a goal time (for me, 5 hours).   I have done three 18 mile runs and each one got steadily better and so I thought, sure let's see what happens if I speed up a little bit.** 

I decided to do one final long run to build confidence. .  to imagine myself climbing up Summit, kicking ass taking names. ..  I set out to have this be a glorious day.

So what happens if I speed up?-- well it turns out that I totally fold.  Totally, utterly completely fold.  As in, I took a 10 minute rest on a bench and then walked crawled the last 4 miles back. I have never experienced something so profoundly wall-like. I know the term is there for a reason but man did it suck. 

I am up in the air if I am going to do the marathon at this point-- as hard as I worked- I probably didn't work hard enough. . . my summer was all about moderation and family balance as much as it was about my own health. I ran 3 days a week max which is probably short of where I should have been.  It's a bit of a bummer to pull out this late- but I really need to think about what would happen if I hit a wall like I did.  I absolutely can not walk 12 miles. . . .   and at the end of the day I want this to be a positive experience. . . .and yesterday was definitely not.


*It turns out that running is hard people.  Maybe not for "other" people but for this person it is.  I had been feeling really good despite the fact that I could run (count-em) 1 mile when I started marathon training when Deirdre was 2 months old.

**I decided to drop 1 minute a mile.  this was a mistake.


  1. I say give yourself a break! Shoot for a marathon next year. I mean, seriously, you ran many half-marathons already, and you have a little baby! You already have so much to be proud of as a mom and a runner...relax and enjoy some quiet time :)

  2. That's where I am leaning as well. I am trying to decide what would suck more-- the regret that may happen the morning of when I am not running or mile 19 where life as I know it blows. ;) I am running the half monster dash at the end of October which would be a great redemption run where I could see how I could do with the safety of half the distance.

  3. you're incredible for all that you've accomplished as a runner already! I agree that you should give yourself a break and celebrate the fact that you've done 3 18 mile runs. You go girl!

  4. Do it! You've worked so hard and have done 3 18 mile runs. Your body is in great shape! Just drop back to your original pace! James is running the 10 mile, and he said he will meet you back along Summit to run the last 3-4 miles with you! Good luck!