Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh For Pete

I have the hardest time trying to write about the mundane when my head is actually full of stuff.  I start to avoid this place a bit when my thoughts are too complex.  Blogging is a lot easier when it's a cute kid pic.
Life is going well for us-- it's BUSY but almost entirely fun busy.   We have been having a lot of conversations around the Fitz household about the future state (3 kids) and what that means for our home life.  The waiting game has been almost all-consuming over here.  We are starting to hear that there could be good news coming our way soon-- but we have heard that before. In fact, we thought when we started that it was going to go "too" fast and that we would have two kids under 1-- now looking back (2.5 years later) and it seems an almost laughable scenario.

This waiting business is tough because although we are getting closer to the adoption, there is no news yet and for the first time in my life I have started to really get the "half pregnant" phrase. I am torn in the sense that I am feeling an urge for a change but I don't want to become overwhelmed if by the grace of God, our long awaited little boy turns up. 

But in the classic angel/devil shoulder debate-- What if the adoption doesn't happen for xx months or years longer. . . and carpe diem, international adoption can be too unpredictable to base life decisions on. . . life is short. etc. etc.   yah.  That's where my head is at.   Everybody clear?  Me neither. 

The short is-- for many years I have talked about living a bolder life professionally and personally.  Ever since my good friend passed away last summer, I have had a hard time getting the nagging thought out of my head. 

The issue is that I am not entirely sure what 'bolder' means. . . but I am keeping my ear to the ground and listening hard.  It may mean more time with my family, it may mean a new career path or even a hobby.  I am not sure- but I definitely feel the universe at work in my life.  Good things seem to happen when I let the universe be in charge so I am hanging out open and willing.

In other news-- we are moving forward with our renovation and that is going ok so far. 

Anyone want to help us move a treadmill out of the basement next weekend?

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