Monday, July 16, 2012

Make or Buy

We have had a lot of deep conversations lately about housing. 

We are at a point where we would like to make some moves that our house doesn't equip itself well for. . . which gets back to the classic MBA discussion of make or buy.    So like a true geek, I created several spreadsheets to help us walk through opportunity cost, depreciation of our house, interest spent under a variety of scenarios. . . all sorts of nerdery.   What the last couple weeks didn't account for is the emotional pull we feel in our house.

The problem with being a blended emotional/ analytical personality is that I can talk myself into or out of anything and often with a healthy amount of passion.   
The tricky part is that when we had construction bids done on our space, the estimates were about three times higher than we anticipated.  With interest rates being at an all time low, we have considered moving since we could get more square feet for the same amount of money. . .

. . . .but no emotional pull.    Home is where the heart is and this is where my heart is.   We are going to start our little adventure and just become really scrappy with how we get these renovations done.  

In terms of timing, we do have a little bit of urgency. . . we would like to consider in-home care for the kidsies once the adoption goes through and I would like to continue working from home. . . so we need to get a little smarter with our space (and sound proofing.)


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