Monday, July 23, 2012


James has been having a lot of fun lately with our social calendar-- all of a sudden he is much more adventurous and curious.  We have noticed this especially at social gatherings where he is no longer 2 feet from my legs but navigating the social scene like a pro. 

He woke up yesterday and said:  "I need to go potty" to which I said "Awesome" and we walked hand in hand toward the bathroom when he stopped to clarify. "NO, I need to go PARTY."

Ok, well.  Fair enough.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Update on the Year of Health

Well, the year of health is coming along but lately it also feels like the year of everything else too.  We are busy people these days!   It's almost entirely all fun stuff-- friends in town, weddings, baptisms reunions etc. but still really busy. *

At least we are all happy and healthy (except the pink eye of last week)  :)

I have been running with the local community center club and am loving it.  I am seeing some substantial improvements and am now down to my pre-Deirdre weight**.   The club runs three times a week and I very quickly realized that two weeknight runs a week were too much for our family so I am doing one run during the day and one run at night.    I am still working from home for now so I am usually able to fit in runs during my lunch breaks.  I am not going to be in stellar shape for the marathon but I feel pretty confident that I will at least finish with a smile -- which to me is an cool enough of an accomplishment with a 7 month old!

Running with people has been really helpful-- they are all a lot faster than I am but I have picked up some great trips and have managed to shave 5 minutes from my 5k time from when I started with the club 6 weeks ago.   They are the nicest people and I feel so blessed to have found a community for running!

One of our quantified goals for this year was to run some events as a family.  We have had a hard time finding stroller friendly 5k's and had planned to run one on the 4th.  Due to the heat, the event was cancelled so we ran as a family in the early am before it got hot-- we are going to go ahead and count that though since the intent was there . . . all participants in our family get to count toward our tally in our rules-- that means we have done 4!

*and in other news, I got moved to a new job.  Yep, this is the third job in the year that I have been with the company.  All good news on this end, but a little crazy.

** Now I am just working to get pre-James.   

Monday, July 16, 2012

Make or Buy

We have had a lot of deep conversations lately about housing. 

We are at a point where we would like to make some moves that our house doesn't equip itself well for. . . which gets back to the classic MBA discussion of make or buy.    So like a true geek, I created several spreadsheets to help us walk through opportunity cost, depreciation of our house, interest spent under a variety of scenarios. . . all sorts of nerdery.   What the last couple weeks didn't account for is the emotional pull we feel in our house.

The problem with being a blended emotional/ analytical personality is that I can talk myself into or out of anything and often with a healthy amount of passion.   
The tricky part is that when we had construction bids done on our space, the estimates were about three times higher than we anticipated.  With interest rates being at an all time low, we have considered moving since we could get more square feet for the same amount of money. . .

. . . .but no emotional pull.    Home is where the heart is and this is where my heart is.   We are going to start our little adventure and just become really scrappy with how we get these renovations done.  

In terms of timing, we do have a little bit of urgency. . . we would like to consider in-home care for the kidsies once the adoption goes through and I would like to continue working from home. . . so we need to get a little smarter with our space (and sound proofing.)


Monday, July 2, 2012

Deirdre 4 Months

This is a little late, but Deirdre has passed the four month mark.  She is turning out to be just the sweetest little peanut.

Recent accomplishments:
We found our feet! 
We like our brother a lot. He's funny
We now roll pretty actively in both directions
We are pre-sitting
Interest in solid food is emerging-- we may try that shortly
We love to hold on to things, rings balls etc.  (But soft things are the favorite)
We suck our thumb