Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Gots Me a Water Belt and Some Kicks

The year of health has been a little underwhelming.  Turns out it has also been the year of kids, social events, house projects, family and work.  (You can see how health has taken a backseat some times).

I did make an important step this last weekend-- I joined our community run club.  So fun-- I have never run with an organized group before but it has always looked like so much fun.  I loved it.  I LOVED it. 

It was pouring rain and I went 8 miles-- needless to say that if it weren't for the discipline of the group, I probably wouldn't have been out there.  My longest run since the half marathon 2 years ago was 6 miles, so I felt really good about getting through 8-- frankly I was damn proud of myself.  What an awesome feeling to do something you didn't think you could do-- right? right? 

They were so nice about having me join-- I was obviously at a different level then the rest of the group but they took turns running with me and made me feel totally welcome despite my north of 11 pace.    

The group meets three times a week which is a little more than I can manage but I am going to shoot for one weekday run and the Saturday morning run.   TCM Here I come!

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