Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tom's Diner

I took my first trip for work.   I wasn't entirely sure how it would go but all in all, I would say it was a thumbs up.  I really like my gig.

I don't entirely love travel, nor do I entirely hate it.  This trip was no different- a  bittersweet analogy about the pro's and cons of being a working mom.  Love the full night of sleep and the job. . . dislike being away.  Not much happens around here without some degree of internal conflict.

There is a little bit of wanderlust in me that is satisfied by the adventure of navigating a new airport and city and were it not for the ache of home, I could be pretty happy globe trotting.   

I tend to believe that the rental car provides some sort of soundtrack to how my trips are going to fare. I present the first song from my first work trip. . . .  Tom's Diner.  A perfect embodiment of working mom conflict.

 This song practically screams "eh."


Great. Soundtrack. 

*After being home a night, I have to add that I really love spending time with my kids. James, Deirdre and I went for a walk, read books and worked on our body parts by kissing them. . .elbow, earlobes, foreheads etc.   You don't get that at the Courtyard.  A full night of sleep is overrated.

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