Friday, May 25, 2012

The Toddler Bed

James goes in phases as to whether he is keen with the bedtime routine or if it's an opportunity to see how quickly he can get the horns to pop out of his head.

Our bedtime routine is best when it isn't rushed.  We read for about 30 minutes and then I try to get him to read a book in his bed so that he can transition to the bed slowly.  Then I spend another 10 minutes or so going through his body parts kissing each one. 

each finger
his hair
his earlobe
his elbow
his eyelash
you get the idea.  

We are now in a bargaining phase where he often says "last one" or "One more".  He actually means nothing of the sort-- he means "let's keep going" but at some point the kissing gets a little ridiculous. 

Some times I can exit the room with no drama.  Often though, there is another 15 minutes of wailing about his water being in the wrong color cup, or that he has the wrong nummy -- he NEEDS the BLUE nummy. etc. . .

This week I caught two great photos of what happens after he finally goes to sleep.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? 

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