Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Guys

Since becoming a big brother, James has seemed suddenly more boy.  He is very sweet with his baby sister and is often interested in feeding* and holding "it".   We are still working on the finer pleasantries.

The latest phases of boytitude have included Thomas the Train, Fake Falling/ Dying, and now Guys.  GUYS!

James was given a little space ship for Christmas that included a tiny Ironman and Wolverine.  He hasn't seen either of these cartoons or movies yet so he just calls him his guys.   "My guys are in the spaceship!"

It's pretty f'ing cute.**

*Despite James pure passion for food, he often shortchanges Daisy's feedings after about 5 minutes.  'She's all done!'  Is she?  Or are you all done?

**Not so f'ing cute: The guys and their accessories are tiny.  "Where are my guys?" I have not a friggen clue dude.  He's two inches tall.

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