Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Floral Design

I was asked recently if I am still doing floral design. The answer is yes-- but I am only booking a few dates a year through word of mouth.  I really love doing the design work but want it to remain fun.   And as you can imagine, with two littles my time is pretty limited. A few dates a year seem to be about perfect for me.  I can still be creative, work with brides (which I love) and be part of how two lives come together.  It's feel good small business. ;)

My friend Ellen (and more importantly, a former bride) has given me a nice little nudge to get this posted as she provided a link and review on her website-- (Thanks Ellen!)   As I have commandeered my business site with posts about my children, I thought I would put up a few wedding floral photos.  I will also feature a couple weddings in detail to talk about the designs in the next few weeks.   As I was posting the pictures, I started reminiscing about how we approached the collaboration and designs and I think it would be fun to write about.

I had intended to re-design my website during my maternity leave. . .but you know how that goes. If you wish to reach me about wedding details and possible dates please email me here.  


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