Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

Sweet Sweet Deirdre.  Or should I say. . .. Diedra, Deedra, Diedre, Dierdre.  Who know this would be a challenge?!

Ok, I maybe did a little bit. . . . but it has turned out to be quite a bit more unique than I once thought!  We looked at a lot of unique Irish names including Moira, Maeve, Siobhan, and Saoirse-- all of which have pronunciations that could be confusing. (It almost make Deirdre seem easy doesn't it?)  We were under the assumption that once people got it in their head once- it would be smooth sailing.

We didn't realize that there could be problems if people got it in their head incorrectly. . . and continued to think of it as that way!  Oops!

So all together now:  Deer-Dra, Deer-Dra, Deer-Dra.

Incorrect: Dee-Dra, Dee-Dree, and definitely not ok-- Dee Dee.*

I do really love the softness of Deirdre and I love that Irish legacy. As you can imagine, both sides of our family are very into the Irish lineage "thing" and it seemed to fit us to have a name that reflected that.  I also loved having a unique name growing up and wanted our daughter to have a similar gift-- (Sorry about those possible complications.)  We have a close relative who just can't seem to get it down.  We have considered setting up a college fund jar and having him put in a quarter every time he calls her Deedra. (Deidre)

Matt and I have known a couple Deirdre's growing up and all of them have been beautiful people with really interesting perspectives and a profound feminine strength.   Who wouldn't want that for their daughter**

Perhaps she can think of the spelling and pronunciation of her name as her own little mini ice-breaker.

"Hi, My name is Deirdre, no Deer-Dra. with two r's.. um.  No, E before I.  I know the rule isn't like that but. . . whatever I am an awesome super cool girl with a kick-ass name."***


* I had someone call me Dee-Dee once.  I was young (11), impressionable, self-conscious about my freaky emerging height. . . and have since strongly decided that it isn't the right name for me (or my beautiful daughter.)

**I do think it's funny how people's experiences with people with the same name shapes their preference.  There were a couple names where one or both of us said absolutely not-- there was the kid who lived in my neighborhood who was super rude. . etc. etc.  

***Let's hope our daughter handles initial conversations with more grace than her mother.

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  1. I feel your name pain. We run into difficulties with Lachlan's name as well. Every other time at the doctor's office I hear Latch-lan? Lack-lon?

    You picked a beautiful name for your daughter!