Friday, March 16, 2012

One Month

Deirdre has passed the one month mark!  I have been pretty negligent about blogging lately because I just don't keep my computer up and running.  All is well in our world and we are adjusting well as a family of four.

Many folks have asked how James is doing with the addition of the baby sister.  All in all, great.

We have noticed some quirks developing. .. . . he is more interested in pacifiers (we call them nummy's).  He often will pick up Deirdre's nummy and hold it about 3 inches from his mouth.   It's tough trying to break an addiction.

He is also very affectionate these days-- often wants to be held or picked up-- which I am loving. . . .sometimes my back doesn't love it as much when he wants to be carried around the house like a baby.  It's sweet the first couple minutes but those 40 lbs can add up pretty fast!    He isn't always interested in cuddling so I will take it however and whenever I can get it!

This isn't meant to be a direct tie- but he has really enjoyed the visitors and the treats and presents as well.  Like the awesome pink pig cookie above!  Our friend made some really wonderful muffins and he thought those 'cupcakes' were pretty awesome as well.

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