Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Check My Numbers

I have been thinking more and more about health lately-- please note though that thinking does equate doing.** but thinking feels really good!  I am feeling more and more not pregnant every day and am really excited about diving into our New Years Resolution.

I have been surprised at how much weight has dropped already-- maybe it was the same with James but since I put on so much more weight that at 3 weeks out I was nowhere near my normal weight.  As I wrote about before, Matt is also interested in losing a little weight which has sparked a new hobby in our household-- checking numbers.

James is newly interested in the scale.   Every morning after we brush teeth he heads in to our bathroom to 'check my numbers'. We laugh at his little belly up on the scale watching the digital numbers go up and down and settle on his proud little 3-9.  His hair may be all California but his gut is all Wisconsin. 

** I am still spotting so working out is on hold until all is well down under. . . crossing my fingers for soon. I feel like grooving!

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