Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Blades Are F***ing Great--Good Marketing

This is a great commercial-- clear call to action, clear product description, simple brand promise.  And friggen funny.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Family Night

Last Friday night we were at Costco-- you know because that's an awesome way to spend a Friday night.  We were sitting while James had his Costco hotdog. . . a very important part of the Costco experience for young James. . . . and Matt and I started talking about how life has changed for us in the last couple years.   Three years ago we would have been out on a Friday night-- either with a small group of friends or on a date etc but now hanging out at a Costco is a pretty typical weekend evening for us.  

I mentioned to Matt that it's either sad or totally awesome-- but really nowhere in between.

We decided to go with awesome since it most definitely is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Happens When a Kelly Marries a Fitzpatrick

The Clan
St. Patricks day as a family of four was a blast.  Now that James is getting older we are starting to do more family type things-- like get dressed up and celebrate the green holiday!  We had a blast-- dressed up (we all had awesome socks, not pictured), went to the parade,  had some friends over for green artichoke dip, leprechaun bars and corned beef and cabbage. . . . all sorts of fun!  

Friday, March 16, 2012

One Month

Deirdre has passed the one month mark!  I have been pretty negligent about blogging lately because I just don't keep my computer up and running.  All is well in our world and we are adjusting well as a family of four.

Many folks have asked how James is doing with the addition of the baby sister.  All in all, great.

We have noticed some quirks developing. .. . . he is more interested in pacifiers (we call them nummy's).  He often will pick up Deirdre's nummy and hold it about 3 inches from his mouth.   It's tough trying to break an addiction.

He is also very affectionate these days-- often wants to be held or picked up-- which I am loving. . . .sometimes my back doesn't love it as much when he wants to be carried around the house like a baby.  It's sweet the first couple minutes but those 40 lbs can add up pretty fast!    He isn't always interested in cuddling so I will take it however and whenever I can get it!

This isn't meant to be a direct tie- but he has really enjoyed the visitors and the treats and presents as well.  Like the awesome pink pig cookie above!  Our friend made some really wonderful muffins and he thought those 'cupcakes' were pretty awesome as well.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deirdre's Digs

I intended to write this a while back when I was working on sweet Deirdre's room but since being home, I have been spending more time cuddling than at a computer.   Aaah, lovely priorities.  

Here is baby Deirdre's room now that it is completed   Having gone through the baby phase before, I had more thoughts (ie, opinions) about what I wanted in a baby room and how to organize it so that it would work for us.  I also wanted to re-use James' space in a way that would be feminine but not too girly.   We also didn't want to re-paint or take down the wall decal so all the choices had to work around that.  

When possible, we tried to use things that we already had in the house, take advantage of hand me downs and optimize storage space!

What we decided to go with is a color palette of yellow and red to complement the silver-sage wall color.   We also used a mix of wood and white-- our furniture is a blend of both so we used baskets and a mix of picture frames to make it seem intentional.

Crib View.  We purchased a new toy box and some IKEA accessories for the crib.  Also featured is my awesome super cheap crib skirt and bench pad that I sewed with the help of You Tube Intelligence.   The crib was a hand me down from my uncle and the pictures were moved in from the office which is now James' room.  The hang it all has already been moved into the closet since James can't seem to resist the temptation of those brightly colored balls. 

Changing Table.  The changing table was a hand-me-down from a friend and is awesome.  It's much better than our other one and we love the baskets underneath for clothing.  We are re-using a tower from Target for the baby spa goods.   We haven't quite figured out how to organize baby girl clothing-- it's much more complex than boy clothes  Red is red but pink comes in 14000 shades.  God bless our little girl, she is working with parents with little to no style. 
Rocker.  The big purchases for the room were the rocker and rug.  I hated our rocker from last time-- it was too big for the room and would bang against the wall with every rock-- not so peaceful at 3 am.  We decided to go with a fully upholstered tiny rocker that fits our space better and I justified it by offering to re-craigslist the old one.  I really like the rug-- it was a random find at Pier1 and was the first purchase for the room.  It's kind of a Fair Isle print-- more traditional than what I normally gravitate too- but I really like it!  I also have the curtains that I 'decorated' and a blanket that I won at the ThanksLiving Auction in November.   We also really love to read to our kids at night, so we stocked Deirdre's book basket with soft books!
Etsy prints featuring birds and trees
The closet--We have another storage unit here-- We took off the doors off the closet and added curtains so that we can get into the closet pretty easily.  Our goal is to equip this room with enough storage that two kiddos could live (and store their belongings) in the room.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Check My Numbers

I have been thinking more and more about health lately-- please note though that thinking does equate doing.** but thinking feels really good!  I am feeling more and more not pregnant every day and am really excited about diving into our New Years Resolution.

I have been surprised at how much weight has dropped already-- maybe it was the same with James but since I put on so much more weight that at 3 weeks out I was nowhere near my normal weight.  As I wrote about before, Matt is also interested in losing a little weight which has sparked a new hobby in our household-- checking numbers.

James is newly interested in the scale.   Every morning after we brush teeth he heads in to our bathroom to 'check my numbers'. We laugh at his little belly up on the scale watching the digital numbers go up and down and settle on his proud little 3-9.  His hair may be all California but his gut is all Wisconsin. 

** I am still spotting so working out is on hold until all is well down under. . . crossing my fingers for soon. I feel like grooving!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Special Thanks

I have been overcome with thoughts of gratitude lately. 

I have some pretty awesome friends and am reminded of that frequently.  This weekend was really pleasant in that we got to spend some good time catching up with friends.

 Having a young baby in the house can be isolating at times--but it also can bring communities together.  I am a blessed individual and my daughter is blessed to be joining a community that is so excited to welcome her.