Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

It's been a big year for me and shoes. . . first boots and now sneaks!  To match my prior excitement, we will be using caps. . . SNEAKS!

I am the proud owner of new running shoes.   I haven't updated my shoes in over three years (granted I haven't been running as much and didn't feel like I needed to until now.  woo hoo! 

I recently read Born to Run which is about the barefoot running movement and had given some thought to trying it out.  I had a great conversation with the woman at the store-- who was a spectator at the Leadville 100 when the Tarahumara won the race.  She had quite to say about the body composition and styling of the runners as to why the minimal shoe worked for them.  She was super knowledgeable and I really trusted her.  I picked out the Cortana shoe which comes in three colors.  See below my awesome new kicks!


Matt isn't super keen on me running yet but I am starting to feel like it's time!  I have dropped 20 lbs since the birth of Deirdre with another 5-10 to go. . . Having all that weight gone has given me so much more energy and a real desire to move.    A month ago I picked my shoes based on what required the least amount of energy and now I am back listening to my old girls. . . Christina, Britney, Rihanna.   Who wants to go dancing?

I think there is a step class in my near future.  ;)

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