Friday, February 3, 2012

Due Date

So, we have rounded 37 weeks!  At the doctor yesterday we found that I had "progressed" from 3 to 3.5 cm and am now 50% effaced.  I have been having a LOT of contractions but none are painful.  The good doctor tells me that contractions are much more common with each pregnancy so I am trying to keep my expectations in check.

With both pregnancies I was 3cm dilated at 35 weeks and past experience tells me that it means nothing.  With James, I didn't really understand what it meant and was half afraid that something would fall out.  like a baby. False.  It doesn't work that way.

It also doesn't mean that this baby is coming soon.  sad pants.   It does mean that when I do go into labor I need to get my ass to the hospital quickly as I am going to be at a 4 at the starting gate!

Do I have a birth plan?

Nope.  It helps that I have a lot of confidence in my husband who I know can be pretty vocal about advocating for my needs.  The bigger reason though is that I don't want to be disappointed.  Most friends I know who have had rigid birth plans were disappointed in how things turned out one way or the other.  

Here is what I am communicating:

  • Headphones and Ipod, you know. . . for my happy place
  • Whatever means it takes to allow this child to be born healthy (c-section, natural etc.  I am fine if it means a good outcome for my little one) 
  • Matt is on the head team (as in MY head) He has seen enough birth-y stuff to not have see my stuff.  
  • If I opt for a natural birth, I would like to be numbed if there are any stitches.  I know this is graphic for all you gentlemen readers. . . but let's think through this-- would you have stitches on your arm with out numbing it first?  Hell no.  Now let's think about the amount of nerves involved. . .  exactly. 
  • I would like to go into labor this time (was induced with James) and have some natural contractions. . .  but no promises after that. 
  • My mother in law is invited. . . but I would "prefer" her on the head team as well.  She was really excited about a mirror last time we talked and I feel pretty confident about not wanting a mirror.   I saw the videos. . . I am assuming that my stuff looks the same.  If she wants a peek, I can deal. . . for preservation of our intimate life, Matt is still on the head team. 
I think that's all.   We are getting pretty excited over here.  We are having a daughter!! :) 


  1. Best of luck! These will either be the longest couple of weeks or the quickest. And it'll probably change on an hourly basis.

  2. You are so right! Thanks for the nice note Sarah!