Friday, January 27, 2012

A Separate Peace

Last night I did what I consider to be totally indulgent. I got a baby sitter for NO reason.  Well, it started off as a reason.  . . Matt had happy hour and I have been a little busy with work lately and was hoping to work late.  Matt has happy hour about once a year and I didn't want him to miss it. . . turns out my work project timeline changed to next week so there wasn't really a reason to work late. . . except that I already called a baby sitter.  So. . . .  I took myself to Panera for dinner.  Yep. high friggen style man.  I then went to do a little shopping for baby girl and was exhausted and ready to come home at 7:30. Still, a pretty exciting night nonetheless.

Sometimes I can't even remember a life where I had every night like this-- where I could go to Target whenever I wanted, however I wanted and not worry about hearing the phrase "I want a hot dog"  as we pass the concession by the exit.

Today though, I can't imagine a life where I would even want to go shopping without hearing "I want a hot dog."

The best part was getting home in time to put James to bed.  We read for about half an hour and then I asked him to crawl into his bed. . . which he did without a fight.  I started rubbing his back and he said "No, close the door.  ok?"

Ok dude, whatever you want. . . .

I don't know if today was any bit of extraordinary but I appreciated the little learnings I took away from it.

The recognition that it is okay to take a little time for myself which is something I haven't been doing much of lately.

The recognition that it is okay to still miss my little person and just prefer to be with him.

And the recognition that sometimes he needs a little down time too.

**Regardless of the ordinary graces and learnings,  I can't help but totally fist pump over the fact that finally this kid is starting to like his big kid bed.  It's about fucking time, dude. 

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