Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Piecing it Together

Not much is going on in our household that is noteworthy. I have been sick with a self-diagnosed sinus infection for the last two weeks, so although I have been all game with the year of "Health". . . .Health has taken the meaning of getting healthy.  I did finally finagle some antibiotics and am starting to feel much, much better each day.

Matt has been working a lot of call shifts lately as well so my life has consisted (basically) of sleeping, playing with James, and working in the basement.  Next week:  showering?  maybe, if I feel better.

Today I felt like I understood my son a little bit better.  As I have written before, James has taken a sudden interest in clothing.  Today, I think I saw why. . . 

James and I went into daycare this morning and he went over to another little boy and they started comparing what was on their shirts.  James pointed at his shirt.  The boy pointed at the tiger on J's shirt, they exchanged some comments and James pointed at his own shirt (with a tiger) and roared.   It isn't just a fashion statement, it's a networking tool. 

Way to build connections, kid.

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