Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hearing Update

After 3 re-tests, we have what we believe to be a better picture of what is going on with James.  As I had written about before, his last two tests have shown some advancement (and not in the good way) of his hearing loss.  This last test confirmed that indeed he is showing some additional hearing loss but our audiologist believes that it was probably there all along just wasn't showing up on the tests accurately.  He is now showing mild-moderate loss in all frequencies, not just high tones.  So, the bad news is that there is likely some truth to the scary tests we have had earlier-- his hearing is worse than what we originally thought, but the good news is that the loss seems to be consistently around 30 decibels which is often compared to a whispered conversation.  For James that means that he probably has a harder time hearing subtlety in language but can make out most normal conversation levels.

We asked about CMV patterns with hearing loss and our audiologists experience has shown that generally when there is a drop or progression of loss that it is quite dramatic and highly noticeable.  Part of the reason why we have been re-testing is because at home, we just weren't sensing a dramatic change.  The kid can still distinguish the phrase "mac and cheese" from  4 rooms over with no problems.  His hearing certainly seemed 'functional' if you know what I mean.

The test is a little disappointing but I actually feel really good about it overall.  I didn't have any waves of panic leading up to the test nor any sense of sadness upon hearing the results.  It just is what it is and our kid is great.

It probably helps that James is progressing really well in all areas of language acquisition. He has a real hunger for learning and growing.  His love of books has now become a love of learning in general.  At dinner last night, he kept standing up to exclaim different shapes he saw:  Triangle. . . .  Moon. . . .STAR . . .HEXAGON!!!!!!!

Excitement over a hexagon isn't really a measure of hearing ability or intelligence- but I have to think that his joy of learning will really help him on his educational journey regardless of the fact that he might need to work a little harder.  Letters, numbers, shapes, colors. . . James is a little talker these days.  . .  I think he is going to be just fine in the end.

The good news, the audiologist thinks this is probably the most accurate test to date and doesn't think James will need to be tested again until late spring.  With most CMV cases, kids level out by 3 years old, so we are getting close. . . let's all keep our fingers crossed for little man!

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