Thursday, January 5, 2012

Healthy But Huge

As I mentioned before, we are doing check ins on the baby because of my anterior placenta.  I feel about 1/10 the movement that I felt when James was at this stage.  Call me gun shy but I would like to feel my baby more than once a day.   The doctors say that the anterior placenta is like a pillow in the front of your belly so it absorbs most of the subtle movements.  It will get better as the baby gets bigger.  I can tell already that I am feeling more movement on the sides and on top of the placenta.

Today we had the first of what will become weekly ultrasounds.  I am happy to say that the baby looks very healthy.  She* scored great on all the bio-measures.  She does appear to be tall . . . and is tracking 2 weeks ahead of where we actually are.  My sweet baby girl is already over 5lbs.  With 7 weeks to go we may have a very large child on our hands!  I have been doing much better with my overall weight gain than I did with James and am so far up 28 lbs (compared to the nearly 60 lbs I put on with James)**.  Perhaps weight gain and baby weight aren't correlated . . . .

Keep your fingers crossed friends. . . I am praying this isn't going to be a 10 pounder!

*Confirmed again
**I thought I had severe morning sickness with James, turns out to be acid reflux. I ate an absurd amount of snacks with James until I figured out that indeed, it wasn't nausea.  oops!

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