Monday, January 2, 2012

Gusto Year in Review

Matthew and I went out for our anniversary dinner last night and we brought a notebook (geeky I know) so that we could talk about what worked for us last year and where we want to take our marriage in 2012.*  

We talked through our various gusto attempts and realized that a lot of of our GUSTING came from still ordinary nights where we decided to stop at the redbox, ignore the laundry and stay in the jammies.  Not super blog worthy stuff but we did have a few big highlights.

January-- We started living our slower, more thoughtful life after our anniversary dinner at Meritage.

February-- I get asked to go to a dinner for work on a Saturday night downtown.  We rented a hotel to make an adventure out of it! 

March-- We head to Cancun for some couple time.  Matt grows out a very gusto inspired mustache to match the mood of the trip.

April--Matt heads to Ethiopia for the month,  I decide to take James to VA to visit family and I get up at 4 am with my mother in law to watch the royal wedding and eat donuts

May-- I get offered a new job so Matt and I headed to a really nice dinner to celebrate.  We also hire a weed sprayer service so that we can gusto what we want and not be enslaved to our yard.  We also take a staycation complete with a trip to camp snoopy for the adults and happy hour hopping on a Friday afternoon.  Drinks and rides=smart!

June--Preggers! Gusto changes courses a bit for us. . . .   Between jobs, I took a spa day and used some gift certificates that I had saved up to run around town getting pampered.

July-- Matt is in a play which is pretty gusto in nature but we all have a blast being part of it.  Matt also does the Warrior Dash-- which I quietly bowed out of due to my fragile condition.

August--Dana takes up the ukelele and we decide to make birthdays in our house a cause for absolute fun and memories.  Dana spends her birthday at the state fair and eating fake sushi,  Matt takes us to the zoo and corn maze!

September--We try camping with a toddler in frigid, rainy weather.  Gusto aside,  probably a bit much for all of us.

October-- We went to the circus, and I decide to stay in Virginia for a weekend between two business trips.

November-- We head back to Mexico (Riviera Maya this time) for a last ditch couple vacation.  Two vacations in one year is a bit ridiculous but given our upcoming kidsies we thought it might be a now or never.  Faced with a now or never scenario, I wanted now.  I also put together a neat concert for a friend that was extremely satisfying for all involved-- especially me.

December-- We spend good times with friends and family.  We hosted a holiday party which we haven't done before but was really fun.  We also accepted an invitation to a friends house for Christmas Eve that turned out to be just a beautiful experience.   Matt also got a job

So looking above at this list-- a lot of this stuff would have happened regardless of our gusto intentions or not.  However, gusto was a very real part of our marriage this year and really helped us take that extra little leap into the silly end.  We also noted last night that Gusto could also be labeled "Justification", it seemed to be the tie breaker for us when we weren't sure if we were being reasonable or not.   I think Gusto did some very good things for us-- allowed us to get out of the monotony of working and parenting to a young child and build some memories that were a little less ordinary for our family. 

Next year we have set a new goal for our marriage but we are hoping to keep gusto** alive in some way.

*For the record, only once did Matt mention that I was facilitating our dinner like a business meeting-- but HA, we were done anyway! ;)

**However, gusto will now include more regular bed times at our house because the reality of trying to live a fun-filled life also needs to include the needs of our littlest member. . .  routine.

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