Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: The Year Ahead

This year Matt and I spent our anniversary dinner at the Melting Pot.  It was cheesy (pun intended), fun and entirely not kid friendly. . . . so seemed to make a great date night for us.*

Last year we decided to put more spark into our marriage (and family) and focus on Gusto.  This year we are focusing on Health.

Yep, Health.  Not as fun as Gusto but another area that we have struggled to find balance over the last couple years.**

Just like Gusto, we are trying to set clear goals for what Health means to us.  Here is what we have decided so far:

  • No drive thru's.   We don't eat a ton of fast food but on Thanksgiving, I stopped to get James chicken nuggets because he was "hungy" and he asked where the apples were.  I don't want my kid to know the McDonalds menu. 
  • 12 Events.  As individuals, we will participate in 12 races or events of some sort.  Each person in our family gets to participate in accumulating the 12 which puts us at around 1 a month. 
  • TC Marathon.  We are going to try. . .  Matt wants to hit a PR before his 40th birthday and I just want to get my ass across the finish.  Matt will likely really train and I am already planning on under training and under performing but doing much more than that with a newborn just isn't realistic!  This is highly injury contingent so. . . it's on the list for now.
  • 65.  As a family, we are hoping to lose 65 lbs in 2012.  Matt recently realized that he is at an all time high and I am looking a little round myself.  This isn't a super hard goal if we introduce fitness back into our world and it gets us back to our pre-kid fighting weights. Not surprisingly the bulk of this one falls on me ;)
We have started to bring some health into our lives already. I got Matt a sled for our anniversary (it's fitness with a 2 year old) and Matt got me a new tiny ipod for Christmas for running and exercise.  I also bought myself (thank you me!) a pre-natal yoga video that James and I have really enjoyed so far. 

I talked about this above, but I think health is important for role modeling and I want James to grow up with active parents and fitness or sports as part of his life.  We also notice huge differences with James behavior for when he eats well or when we slack a little bit.  We are really going to try and lessen the "exceptions" for treats in our house. 

So that's it-- HEALTH.  Not entirely sexy or as fun as Gusto but probably just as necessary for living a satisfying year and growing our happy family.

*We also went to Mission Impossible which was also cheesy, fun and entirely not kid friendly.

**James has recently started boycotting Body Pump. Although the Y offers FREE!! day care, he has decided that he doesn't like it.  (in reality, we are dealing with a phase of separation anxiety). It's frustrating as I have been pulled out of the class 3 times now to go get him.  I love my dear child but I am really hoping this phase passes soon!  Going to the gym is a great way to spend a couple hours in me time when Matt is working on the weekends.  I figure I will keep trying every couple of weeks and hope for the best.


  1. Feel free to take or leave my two cents...but I think you should add one to that list...REST! You are adding a new member to the family, feel free to take some time to rest and enjoy each other and save the marathon for next year (for you at least!).

  2. Jen, Two cents are always welcome. ;)

    I am going to wait until spring to decide on the marathon. I have heard mixed things about going from 1-2, some say that it is easier than the first and some say that it totally kicks your butt. I bet a lot of it is based on the nature of your little one. . . but don't worry. I will play it by ear and make sure I am getting plenty of rest. I will say though, I started feeling loads better after James once I started working out again. So, even if I just show up to walk the marathon (or the 10mile), getting out of the house a couple days a week to exercise in preparation might be good for me! So, I'll keep you posted and may even hit you up for some walking dates! :)

  3. Good pick for the year. So excited that you're liking the yoga! :) Getting pulled out of classes is the worst...