Monday, December 19, 2011

Unconventional Parenting

There are times when I just have to laugh at my husband "the pediatrician" in his parenting choices.  

One of our biggest issues right now is this whole getting dressed thing.  James often talks about it being cold outside but still refuses to wear appropriate clothing.   I have been sporting a Biderman (spiderman) hat for the last couple of weeks to try and demonstrate just how cool, warm clothing can be.  

On Saturday, Matt was giving James his options for clothing and let him pick his shirt but James freaked out when the thought of putting the Lion shirt on his actual body.  the horror.

After several minutes of negotiation, Matt and James left J's room and headed outside.  James wearing a diaper and a pair of socks.   I could hear Matt talking to James about how it's cold outside and James agreeing.  They were outside for maybe 30 seconds but I thought I was going to lose my poor bladder laughing so hard.

"Do you want to wear the Lion NOW?" 
"Lion,  cold outside!"

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