Monday, December 19, 2011

A Slight Revision to the Evening Plan

At my 30 week check up yesterday I mentioned to the physician that I haven't felt the same types of movements with this baby as I did with James.  Much of that is probably due to the fact that my placenta is in the very front of my stomach (it was somewhere else for J).   This means that I have never felt the baby kick me in the front and I don't have as much of the cool stomach acrobatics either. 

So, anyway. . . . I mention to my doctor that I often go days without feeling baby movement which feels odd.  He says that I am probably just missing more of the subtle ones.  We check baby's heartbeat and find it to be 30 bpm lower than any other appointment.  It's still on the low end of normal but given the conversation about movements we head to the hospital for observation.

Everything turned out to be just fine-- it looks like little girl has a lower resting heart rate but has plenty of accelerations when she moves.  Net-net, baby looks great.

Driving to the hospital was a little scary in that we weren't sure what the outcome would be-- and had the faintest (albeit unreasonable) panic that we could be having a baby. . . that day.   More unreasonable,  I, of course, focused on the fact that if we ended up staying overnight in the hospital that someone would need to take care of Osa and I am pretty sure I left a mangy banana peel on the counter in the kitchen.  Nice Dana, focus on what really matters in life.  Like the cleanliness of the counters.

Going forward, they are going to do weekly ultrasounds to double check that everything is a-ok.  

That is a-ok by me too. 

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