Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am happy to announce that this week is my last biz trip as a mother of one. Woo hoo.

James and I spent the morning together, again negotiating his wardrobe, and eating pancakes before I headed to the airport.

What do I mean negotiating? Well, as I mentioned, James is interested in fashion, but only as an alternative to being "nakey". Today his concern was not wanting to cover up his Mickey Mouse diaper with anything as practical as pants. We ate pancakes together with him stopping every bite to point to his crotch (where there is a character) and exclaim "Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse!".

I thought it was hilarious and have also started to realize that I need to build more time into our morning routine. Fashion takes some time.

The only downside to my several months at home is how they fall on the MN calendar. If I ever choose to have another baby, I will really try to have a summer baby. This winter with no travel planned is going to be long and cold!! ;). Who is up for a hot chocolate date?

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