Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me and My Shadow

So I was reminded this weekend that I need to circle back on topics I start here.   Sometimes I forget that people might actually read this thing.  huh!

So about the telecommuting. . . I did it, I took the plunge.  So far it's just ok.  I give it a solid 6/10.   As many of you know, or can guess, I am a bit of an extrovert so I am really ready to be done with work by the time the work day rolls around.   This is a marked change however, I used to be exhausted at the end of the day and would retreat home to prep for another day.  In some ways I am living more life because I am not 'done' by the end of the work day.

I am also finding out that I have some pretty low personal care requirements. I literally get up, brush my teeth and face and head off to work.  Yoga pants.  check.  Matt's t-shirt check.    I might need to consider my cute factor at some point for my husband's sake.

I am spending my time in the basement now with my shadow (Osa)  who takes great delight in our daily trip to the day care to drop James off.  My dreams of a home office renovation are at a bit of a standstill until I can get my sweet husband to paint the room for me.  Oh sweet husband. . . please?   <-- note my attempt at a public plea for light blue walls and white trim.   A girl can dream right?   (Matt doesn't read this blog very often so I will keep you posted dear internet if this thinly veiled tactic works!)

All else is well in Fitz land. I am getting bigger and have started my 30th week of pregnancy.   No huge complaints yet but given that this is my second pregnancy I know where we are going in the next 10 weeks.     It reminds me of being at mile 18 of a marathon.  People on the side of the road start congratulating you on almost being finished.  In reality you have 8 miles left. 8 MILES.  For me that is nearly 90 minutes of running-- in my book, that is no where near "almost there".  Plus those 8 miles are the hardest 8 miles of the race.   That's where I am folks, I feel good and am smiling still but the floor is starting to seem like a far away place and my back is starting to act up.  Time to focus and press on for those last 8 miles.   Go team Fitzy.   Would people think it was inappropriate if I put my name on my shirt for the next 10 weeks or so?  Strangers could cheer me on randomly then. . . .    Certainly fits with the company dress code around here.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I was wondering :) Glad to hear it's at least on the 6 end of the scale, rather than the 3 end :)