Monday, December 5, 2011


Hello Team!  So I have been a little relaxed in the blogging lately.   We haven't done anything all that notable lately but have had a lot of fun.   Here are some recent going on's in our world.

We went to the Hollidazzle parade last weekend.  James liked all the lights- especially Bert and Ernie who were the grand marshals that night.  We knew Bert and Ernie were going to be there and James talked about it all day.  The idea of memory is kind of new to us as a milestone.  James now makes correlations from earlier conversations and memories and makes logical jumps in conversations.  Really fun.

This is kind of a dark photo, but you can see James has found a new resting spot for his head.  We have hit a phase where "cuddling with Mommy" is awesome.  I think it's awesome too.  In fact, I have been known to watch a little big bird or thomas in favor of gratuitous cuddle sessions.

I have to say, the fact that my baby is getting so big is hard.   I think everyone feels this way but for a long time, James was more interested in footballs than hugs so I am really savoring my physical time with him since I am not sure how long it will last.

James had his second birthday party last weekend with our families.   Here is James sporting his favorite new gift-- CAR SHOES.  (slippers)  He hasn't seen the movie CARS yet but he loves to run around saying Beep Beep.   

James is quite the fashionista lately.  Getting dressed in the morning takes a little bit of selling.  James has strong opinions about what goes on his body.  We try to give him some choices but today for instance, he had limited options in the 'clean clothing' category.  So I spent a good 5 minutes imitating a monkey so that he would think that his monkey shirt was cool enough to grace his sweet little body. 

The downside?  He also didn't want to zip a hoodie sweatshirt because it would hide his monkey.   

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  1. Great update! Fun to hear what's happening in your world. Yay, cuddling!