Friday, December 16, 2011

100 Posts

This is my 100th post!  Not bad considering that I only started back at this last spring and I have gone silent a few times.    I don't have much to report except I made an exorbitant purchase and I am so very, very pleased with myself.  I am the proud owner of boots.  BOOTS!   I have a hard time spending money on things that I don't "REALLY" need--- (unless they involve spa treatments or breaking bread with people).  I have been wanting a pair of winter boots since I was literally 9.  That was the last time I owned a pair of boots.  In Minnesota.  I know.   I am not an outdoor person in the winter and since I technically "NEED" work shoes but don't "NEED" boots, I always skipped them.  But not this year. THIS YEAR THEY WERE MEANT TO BE MINE.
They are here, overnighted by the good people at Zappos and I love them. I finally justified them because I am officially grounded in this tundra of a state and I figured they would be great for running around with a young baby and a pair of leggings for that period where you are not pregnant but you are not NOT pregnant either.   For that not so thin period I will have leggings and warm feet. . . . and BOOTS! ;)   Where have you been my entire life?  It's like angels kissing my toes. 

Oh the joy.

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