Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Need a Banana Like I Need a Hole in my Head

We are back from a last ditch vacation!  With having another baby and trying to adopt a baby, we thought this might be the last time when we can get away for more than a night.  :)  
We had a great time overall and even had some keen accomplishments: 
  • As much as I want to like snorkeling, I don't like being near fish.  This makes it hard to adopt this hobby despite my thinking that it seems cool. Matthew loved snorkeling and I loved napping in the lounging chairs by the pool so everybody won. 
  • I am very good at bingo.  What?! Bingo isn't a skill-based game?!  Whatever, I won twice. 
  • I don't need to eat for a month.   I was inexplicably stuffed the entire trip.  Inexplicable until I realized that every "smoothie" (adult beverage sans adult sauce) had half a banana in it. My potassium is through the roof and I put on five pounds.  But those five pounds were Yummy. 
  • Although I have the height of a fashion model, I lack some serious modeling skills.  We had a free photo session with a professional photographer. It was a great way to get some memories of the trip and to capture the belly at 25 weeks. 
  • I think we picked a name for baby girl!  It will be a surprise if I can keep my mouth shut.
  • Although we loved spending some time together, we missed our little man and were ready to come home. 

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