Thursday, November 10, 2011


Once again, we are at the two steps forward, one step back on our CMV journey.  James had an audiology appointment today and he showed a substantial loss on his lower frequencies.   Really disheartening.

There is a lot about the testing protocol, the two year old wild card, the gunk in his ear and his developing language skills that just don't seem to add up to the results we saw today. 

For reference, here is how decibels rate out:

10 a light whisper
20 quiet conversation
30 normal conversation
40 light traffic
50 typewriter, loud conversation
60 noisy office
70 normal traffic, quiet train
80 rock music, subway
90 heavy traffic, thunder
100 jet plane at takeoff

James was showing hearing loss in high frequencies (high pitches) up to 35 decibels which is considered by many to be low to moderate hearing loss.  He had no loss in his low frequencies.   The test today showed that his high pitches are still the same but his low pitches are now not registering below 55 decibels.  UGH.   

As I said above, this doesn't totally make sense.  James is tracking really well on his language acquisition.  He finds new words ever day, mimic's like a trained parrot and seems to love words.  Even with his hearing aids, the aids are not programmed to amplify low frequencies at all, so the fact that we know he responds to subtle noise doesn't seem consistent with the test today.  

We are going back in a week to re-test.  He was pretty distracted with toys and this may have caused him to not 'take the test seriously'  Or as 'seriously' as any two year old would take a test.

Regardless, the familiar, dull CMV ache that resides in my chest is back.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, Dana :( Hopefully the retest goes better. Keep us posted!