Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Card. . . Behind the Scenes

We kind of forgot about the whole holiday card thing until this weekend.  In my defense, I have been sick for a few days. .. . and yeah.  Oops!  We also realized that we don't have a lot of great pictures of James this year due to the whole 2 thing and our preference for more natural photos.  James can say cheese but the grin that accompanies the cheese isn't exactly natural.   More like Jim Carrey in the Mask.  Case in point: 
CHEEEEEESE.  It's a little toothy.  and scary. 

So we had this great idea to do a nice photo with James in a cute scarf.   Cute scarf: 10 dollars I will never see again.     This is one of the better photos.  Really captures the photo shoot.  

You will not be receiving this card from the Fitz's this year. 

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