Monday, October 24, 2011

To Telecommute? That is the Question

I am thinking about making a life change- one that I would consider to be substantial life change.  Here is what I am thinking.

  • I could save about 2k a year in reimbursed internet, phone and eating from home savings.  I can't quantify the savings to work clothing, but the fact that yoga pants would be the norm is pretty sweet. 
  • I would be able to do some of the things by day that are challenging to get done.  Plumbers, electricians etc. 
  • My commute would be five minutes. brush teeth, walk downstairs. In the winter, glorious!
  • My team is remote anyway so I have limited opportunities for networking as is and my closest support teams office out of a different building so I am often in face to face meetings at another campus.(which is closer to my ome)
  • I travel about 25% of the time so I would still get some good social dynamics from that.  
  • I could use my conference call time better. I am often on mute during conference calls, what if I could walk on my treadmill during this time?  
  • I was starting to be concerned about our work dynamics as a family already. . . Matt and I both have supersized jobs (+40 hours a week) and I don't have a huge desire to grow my career significantly during this time.  Would this be a good step toward moderation? 
  • I had a lot of back pain with my last pregnancy in the third trimester and found working from home nice in that I could change positions frequently without people staring.  Laying in a cubicle isn't usually apropos.
  • We are moving offices shortly and the new office is less than stellar and further away from home.   
  • People love it supposedly. 
  • Would I get lonely?  I could potentially have several days in a row where I don't leave the house. That sounds pleasant with the season of SAD upon us. I have a history of anxiety/ depression. . . something that I have pretty under control right now- but is it worth tempting fate?
  • My home office currently looks like this:  sight for sore eyes. Not a huge improvement over the outdated office that I am supposed to be moving into.
That wall is cork. . . yep.  yuck

  • Would I be able to shut down work when I need to? I am a bit of a natural work-a-holic. . .would the lure of the home office be too much?
I am giving myself a week to decide what is best. I am leaning towards the pro's list but don't know for sure. I am off for a week on the road so I will have some thinking time then!

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