Sunday, October 16, 2011

Osa Update

Osa had a bad day.   We moved her kennel to the living room so that James could move into the office, and I think it spooked her a bit-- she managed to open her kennel AND open the pantry to graze.   After consuming an enormous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips (thanks costco!). . . we had an emergency vet visit and some possibly scary moments.  Osa spent the night at the hospital but did really well with how she reacted to the meds for her heart rate (elevated due to the enormous chocolate). . .and was allowed to come home on Sunday morning-- yay!

Matt and I did some version of paper rock scissors to figure out who took the dog in and who stayed home with the carpet and two year old sleeping in the big kid bed for the first time.  After we synced up and assessed the damage-- it has been (quickly) decided that we will be getting our carpet professionally cleaned. 

Search words in Angie's List:
Extreme carpet cleaning
Crime scene cleaning
Miracle carpet restoration
Quick response

The chocolate is well-- really dark.  We had a long talk about what to do with the white carpet that is inevitably stained-- and as much as I want to say that living with stained carpet isn't so bad-- it's much better when the stain is pink instead of a dark brown stain.  yuck, yuck. 

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