Friday, October 21, 2011

Maternity Clothing 101

The hard thing about the first time pregnancy is that there is a wealth of information out there about symptoms and what to expect when you're. . . . and then there are the little things that you either need a VERY good friend to tell you about or you happen to be lucky enough to stumble upon at someones anonymous blog.

One clear advantage to pregnancy round two is the fact that maternity clothing is no longer a mystical thing.  There are some items that I found later through my gal pals that I have adopted earlier into my clothing choices--- and it has made a world of difference.

Biggest lesson- I was really cheap the first time around and frankly I wish I had spent a little more money to feel cute and comfortable.   I tried to get by for too long, thinking that some of these purchases were extraneous only to find out later that they were totally worthwhile.

Here are my favorite indulgences turned necessity items that I am sporting these days. (not just in month eight.)

Bra Extenders-- Who knew your rib cage expands when you are preggers?  well. . . it does.  Either get new bra's . . . might I recommend some lovely nursing bra's?  Or.  Get these guys. They are awesome and you can buy them for 2 bucks just about everywhere-- Target, Kohl's,  fabric stores etc.

Bella Bands-- Most people know about these. Me and my Perky Ute only wear these for a little while but as a tall person they are helpful in buying extra inches. I still find the lure of wearing expandable waistbands more desirable than putzing with a band but to each her own.  There are some designer brands (bella) and there are some knock-off brands.  Let's be real though, it's a stretchy piece of fabric.  Get the cheap one. . .

Maternity Pants-- So this is a big lesson for me. . . maternity clothes are made very cheaply.  They are itchy, scratchy and ill fitting.  I have had the best luck with gap (who sells tall) than I have with other brands.   I am not hugely affected by which kind of waist band is at the top-- I personally prefer the full panel slightly but it isn't a big deal for me.    I do care that my legs aren't itchy all friggen time and buying jeans and pants from a company that does it well seems to help.

The bella band can help keep your maternity pants in place in the early stages so I would say go nuts- embrace the expanding waist line and double up on pant strategies.

One word of caution- for many women, the belly isn't the only place where you grow during pregnancy. . .  so maybe consider going up a size. :)

Undies--  Last time I just kept advancing sizes with non-maternity underwear and I have to say it is more than demotivating to be in a size 10.  10 people.  10.   Don't do that to yourself.  Get the real deal.  They sell a variety of styles, brief's boy-shorts, thongs. . .(out of curiosity I did buy a thong and would say that was a foolish purchase. panty lines are the least of my worries.) I did go up a size here as well based on past experience and I have to say that my bum and other related areas are happier this time around wearing undies meant for my body type.

Tights--I have been wearing more tights and leggings lately and the maternity specific products are significantly more comfortable.  If you are a working gal. . . . think it over before you sit through a long meeting with too-tight tights.   In my opinion, I see no reason not to jump into the maternity stuff early here too. . . you are going to need it later and they are tights. . .as in tight.  . . as in. . . not going to fall off.

So I think that's it for now-- just some random musings on my quest for comfort. 

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