Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Genius or Fluke?

Last night James came over to me while we were making dinner and kept saying Mmmm MMMmmm MMMMMMMM.   Like- come on mom, don't be dense.     This is also what James says when he has good things in his mouth so I thought he was enjoying his KOOO-Key.  

After a moment I realized that he was holding the M refrigerator magnet in his hand.   To which I whispered: "Matt, Matt, OMG" We were both shocked. . . then we praised James for his M and he came back with an R and had it right too. . . followed by an A.   The hell.

Later that night he came over with the R and said A and I said no, that's an R. .. close!   Bummed about being wrong, he walked over to his puzzle and brought me back the Duck-- exclaiming it loudly.  Yes-- that is right!  If we are shaky on the alphabet, we are rock solid on barn animals.

With the speech development we put a lot of emphasis on books and reading in our house. . . could it be working?  Or did we take a lucky shot? hMMM.

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