Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gusto Next Steps

Having a mission this year has been helpful for me. . . and dare I say it has been helpful to our marriage and family identity.  We are a few months from the end of the Gusto year and I have been reflective lately.   This summer I felt I was living in a realm of gusto but not necessarily intentional gusto.  Scratch that.  Not necessarily fun gusto. We did the play which was really fun. . . . And I started a new job. . . and we decided to have a baby which was also fun. . . all things individually seemed like a swimming plan but combined were surprisingly overwhelming.

I am not one to shy away from a busy schedule but there were times this summer when I felt that I was being completely non-committal is all areas of life-- in the new job, in my relationships, in my parenting.  What did I do well? sleep.  I slept a lot.

I am not ashamed that I pulled back from life as much as I did in the early months of this pregnancy.   It didn't feel like much of a choice to be honest.  I did what I could do and what I needed to feel healthy and happy.  

I am now in my second trimester and am feeling quite a bit better. I am not as tired as I once was and I am back in the gusto attitude.   Matt had this awesome experience this summer which left me thinking that I would like to try something new.   So I am announcing my latest gusto endeavor.

Yep.  I am the proud owner of a ukelele.  This picture might also closely match my physicality in a couple months.  Which is the real reason I am taking up the uke.  To match my  belly. 

The other night I played my first song "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen".  No further analysis needed-- it just happened to be the first song in my ukelele song book.  F, C G7 bitches!  2 more chords and the next chapter is MINE.

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  1. That freakin' ROCKS - you are wicked cool friend! Would it be too much to ask for a short youtube video?