Friday, September 2, 2011

F*cking EARS!

We lost another hearing aid yesterday.  It was found but only because our day care guy is a freaking saint.  James and possibly a buddy at his day care decided to take apart one of his aids and stick it through the holes of our day care deck/patio.  Our guy is wonderful and said that he is going to TAKE APART the boards of his deck to retrieve it.   So nice-- we are really thankful for his help. 

James. . . . Please, please please leave the ears on!  please? No more recruitment of buddies with better fine motor skills. . .  lovies, mom.

In other notes, we are going camping this weekend.  My brother Matty has never gone and wanted to make it part of his gusto activity for the year.  Nice.  We borrowed some equipment from friends to supplement what we owned and are headed to NEVIS for the weekend!   I'll be back with more details on the adventure. 

Happy Labor Day! 

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