Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Blessing of a Birthday

So I turned the ripe young age of 32 over the weekend.  I still have a very childhood appreciation for "the birthday".   It's not just my birthday though-- all birthdays.  Despite some depression symptoms from time to time, I really like being happy-- doesn't everyone prefer happiness to despair?  Just saying- when given the opportunity to have foolish fun, one should take it.  There are lots of opportunities in life to be serious and boring-- let's look for the exception and embrace it.  Viva the celebration.

One thing I like to do on my birthday and the birthdays I plan for my family is to have a memory associated with it.  I had a couple years where I "worked" on my birthday followed by something else non-descriptive.  No more.  This year (gusto year especially) I wanted a strong memory attached to my 32itude.

We went to the FAIR.  I am not a fair person. . . more precisely, I am not a crowd person. I know there are people out there who love the fair and do it every year but this was really a special event for us. 

We took Matty and James on a food journey extravaganza.  We tried a couple of the new foods-- including the breakfast lollipop which was 'eh' and the thumbs up sweet corn ice cream with the butter bacon sauce.   Although the new food was fun to research and try, we found that most of us just wanted to eat our favorite classic junk food- donuts, corn on the cob, cheese curds, corn dogs etc.  James took a particular liking to the lefse and alligator.

Cheese Curds and Corn Dogs

James also went on his first ride at the fair.  We said choo choo quite a bit that afternoon!

Did anyone else ride this at the State Fair?  Any one else get bugged by the racially charged pictures on the side? Seriously folks-- this train shows a white man with a gun chasing off animals and 'darker' folks in a loin cloth complete with a bone in his hair.  ugh.

Later that night, Matty baby sat for us so that Matt and I could have a date.  We had mock sushi and went to Harry Potter. Nice!

One of Matty's gifts was some really awesome cheeses and crackers so we came home after the movie and played cards and ate cheese. 

Nice memories all around. Not something that will get lost in the day to day humdrum of work and parenting little people.  Thanks to my family for indulging me in the awesome.  ;)

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