Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Perky Uterus

So I have had a rather obvious figure flaw the last few weeks.

It would appear that I have indulged in far too much ice cream, or I am pregnant.  Heartbeat confirms the latter.   (Personally, I can confirm a little of the former.)

As a near gigantic  tall woman, I am surprised for the second time at how early I show during pregnancy.  We asked the OB why today and he said that my uterus is upturned (which is totally normal). The upturned ute means that I show my good news pretty early.   I have heard of hostile uterus, incompetent cervix but I have a perky uterus.   Pleasant, if not slightly grating when trying to go incognito at work.

It's been pretty difficult to ignore the looks at work. . . but it is what it is--  I am sure they will be pleased. umm.  yeah.

Obviously, this is going to change our adoption plan as we wait for our next child to arrive.   It doesn't change our commitment to adoption- just the timing.  Our order of arrival might be different, but we are excited about both children joining our family in the near future.  Fitz 2.0 arrives in February.

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