Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Arrange a Mass of Flowers

I did a wedding this weekend for two good friends-- really great couple and I was honored to be part of their day.  I had a small group of ranunculus that weren't open yet so I didn't include them in her bouquet.  They are looking pretty spiffy now so I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make a Martha-esq type mass of flowers.  

I think the ball o' flower style looks best with either a single type of flower (aka a dozen red roses) or a monochromatic grouping that varies texture.  

I start by laying them all out and picking out any leaves that aren't near the head of the flower.  I then put three flowers together and use the fourth to cross diagonally across the other three.  Then I rotate the entire bouquet in my left hand a quarter turn.  I take a fifth flower and lay it diagonally and rotate again a quarter turn to the left.   See picture below.

Note how the top flower's stems are running diagonally under my thumb
Repeat this many times (until you are out of flowers)

View from the side

Cut the stems so that they are the same length.  Stems in the vase will swirl because they are all placed diagonally.   That's what makes it all Martha like.

View from the top

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