Monday, August 1, 2011

Frequent Flier

Last night, I was thinking that I should probably get my thoughts together about heading out of town this week.  (I leave tonight for CT.)  I am a very low key traveler and I have a fairly simple routine, all of which help me to maintain a sense of zen when it comes to packing and the whatnot.  I keep duplicates of all my beauty products and have some hard rules about what I pack (generally the same 3-4 outfits—black shoes only).    I can generally get myself packed and out the door within 15 minutes or so. . . not bad.  

Last night we were talking about the week ahead and suddenly a trip for our little man snuck up on us.  Yep, we needed to get James packed up to take his own trip. James is on his way to Florida for the week with his Nana.  James’ beauty routine took us a little bit longer to capture and pack.  How many socks, how many diapers, how much lotion, etc. etc.   Packing aside, the reality of James having his own plans was a little bit to swallow—whoa!

My mother in law is an expert travel, and with family and grandkids all over the US, she spends a bit of time jet-setting.  We were thrilled when she asked to take James with her on a trip to see his great grandfather and grandmother.   All parties adore each other and I am thankful for him to have the opportunity to spend quality time with them all.   We would love to get down there more frequently to visit our family there, but it’s really nice that James will get this opportunity even though our schedules don’t always allow it.

James at 10 months enjoying his own seat for a moment
I feel like I should be some sort of professional child traveler at this point—but I am just not there.  For as comfortable I am in an airport, flying with the little man is near exhausting for me.  My 36 pound lap child is no longer a baby and wants to climb, squirm and say hi. . .. not exactly a  peaceful 3 hours in air.   He is somewhat a frequent flier though—having logged nearly 15 trips in his short existence.   We are really taking advantage of the under 2 fly free. . .

Matthew will have a pretty quiet week ahead, something that I am sure he is excited about given the busy schedule we have had over the last few weeks. 

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