Monday, August 22, 2011

A Different Approach to Round 2

After having a child with CMV, which is potentially a scary fucking virus, I am approaching this pregnancy with a lot more caution. 

All in all, James is doing super great with the CMV.  He is likely still shedding the virus but as I have written about before, his hearing has been stable and we are counting lucky stars.    As I have also written about here, this has been a pretty emotional experience for me. 

This time around, I am opting for more tests than we did for James (which was none).  We did the first trimester screen today which gave us some great ultrasound time with our baby.  We are still waiting for blood work to come back but it looks like things are tracking well for our peanut.   S(he) is about 5 inches stretched out and wiggling up a storm.  All heart chambers are accounted for, bladder working, umbilical cord present and has a totally kissable alien-esq face.

Matt commented that my wanting the extra testing was a very suburban approach to medicine- but I am ok with that.  I know what scary feels like, I know what uncertain feels like and now I want to know what prepared feels like. 

Matt and I often have different approaches to medicine- his is grounded in science—mine is often grounded in irrational emotion--- but the conversations are lively.    We were both there for the screening today and it was a good experience for both of us.

Like so many things in parenting, there are no hard and fast rules—nor should there be judgment attached to them.  We have to do what works best for us, and what works best for me right now is peace of mind and preparation for a variety of scenarios. 

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