Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Arm and a Leg (and an Ear)

So our little man hasn't been wearing his hearing aids the last couple weeks-- why?? because we lost one.   ugh.  ugh. double ugh.  AGAIN!

This is now the third time we have lost a hearing aid-- which is very frustrating (and fricken expense.)  At 2k a pop, our 1 and a half year old is walking around with technology that is more expensive than Matthew’s car.  How is that for a reality check?

The other two were lost for very distinct reasons (and both were recovered and serviced heavily.)

Ear 1: Was lost before we learned about hearing aid leashes (which I will blog more about later).  We left a friend’s house and had it inside and when we got home it wasn’t on us or in our car.  We found out (months later) that it was in the front yard and it snowed that night so we needed to wait for thaw to have it reveal itself.  Hearing aid has since been recovered and gutted entirely.  Yay warranties.

Ear 2: We were hungry.  We lost the second one at day care- but later found it in a diaper. I put it in a baggy with clear directions to our audiologist to “DO NOT OPEN”.  We thought that with so many kids wearing hearing aids, they probably end up in a mouth from time to time.  Although she sees only children, this was a career first for her.  James has always enjoyed food, so I guess we shouldn’t have been all that surprised.

We are now onto number 3 and we really have no idea what happened.  He was wearing a ‘leash’ and we had them at Target but when we got home he had taken out both ears and we couldn’t find one of the hearing aids.  Hearing aid toss is a favorite car game of ours so logic would say that its in the car but we have ripped it apart twice and still can’t find it. 

We are getting the snowed hearing aid fixed right now and have our last under warranty replacement on order.   The next mistake is the full 2K.  Cross your fingers.

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