Friday, July 29, 2011

Opening Night

So tonight is Matt's theatrical debut.  Big news!  (ok, it's more of a triumphant return to the stage. . . he was in grade school plays)

Matthew Fitzpatrick, Tony Award Contender

This has been a very positive experience for our family-- but a bit draining as well.  This may be the last full family Fitzpatrick production.  Next time, we might take turns.  I am really proud of my sweet husband-- proud that he is trying something new and embracing this new opportunity so fully.  Yay you.

When you live with your role model, it's a constant reminder of how you can be better.  The thought Matthew puts into his life is really inspiring.  He thinks through his impact on others and really commits to self-improvement.  His Gusto activity wants me to raise my game a bit. . . maybe there will be more on that shortly.  I hope so.

Self reflection aside,  tonight we celebrate! 


  1. a few random thots...
    My husband inspires me too.

    Where is this show being produced?

    I miss the stage so much - -haven't been on a theater stage since 2000...Too long. (I am still singing at church but it's not the same...)

    Have fun celebrating!

  2. Hi Kar, The show is in St. Anthony- which is a suburb of minneapolis. I have been involved with that group for a while but this is Matt's first ever theater production.

    It's a bummer that you haven't been onstage in while- I always loved watching you perform!

    let me know if you are in the cities anytime soon, I would love to meet up for coffee!